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© Bikers1.com – Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering 2016Tomintoul is it ? . Everyone knows ‘of’ Tomintoul even if they haven’t a clue where it is, if only from the lassie on the radio tellin’ ye the Cockbridge to Tomintoul road is shut due to snow. The road is one of the best in the UK, especially on the bike. so heading of up this road and having a rally at the other end was ideal. I was heading to the third ?, Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering.

The weather wifey pretty much hinted that there was a better than even chance of meetin’ Noah of his strangely unfeasible boat given that precipitation of biblical proportions was forecast all weekend. In local vernacular, it wiz gonnae pish doon, big style…..

With the weathe in mind I figured I’d better break out my ‘hand reared yak wool long johns’ out for under my leathers. If you’ve ever hand reared a pair of long johns ye’ll know what unruly buggers they can be..

To my surprise the weather held out, the road up throught Perth, Breamar and the Lecht brought me to Tomintoul.

The ‘Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering’ basically takes over this ‘highest village in the highlands’ for the weekend, with camping, pubs, grub and a hall for music and nonsense.

In their words – “The weekend is run by community volunteers who have a passion for rock music, motorcycles and a good old knees up.  All proceeds from the weekend are donated back to various local and national charities including the Sam’s Star Foundation in support of teenage brain cancer.  In 2015, they  donated almost £1000 to MFR Beds for Kids, Roxburghe House in Aberdeen (cancer care) and a local charity in Tomintoul.”

© Bikers1.com – Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering 2016
The village square is completely taken over by the gathering with trader’s stalls, fun fair, Trials display and amongst others,  House of Custom, Street Evolution, Muddy Beach Customs and North East Auld Skool..

A number of pubs er… circle ? the square, after a bit of searching I found my Aardie and 8 Ball mates in the pub, and along with Dave Manning much of the afternoon dissappeared  🙂

I did managed to extracate myself from the pub to get to the hall to see Whumff, the party was going great guns, can’t quite put my finger on why, but I got the feeling not everyone was sober ….. 😉

© Bikers1.com – Tomintoul Motorcycle Gathering 2016

Saturday morning was hangover nursing and finding breakfast, I have to give it to the Glen Avon hotel, if you had a wristband it was £5 for a proper breakfast, as often as not ‘biker’s breakfasts’ are usually overpriced and under provisioned’ , but not in this case, top grub folks 🙂

The custom show was on the green on Saturday afternoon with a good selection of entries. HoC had gathered some lovely examples, Jim’s interesting steampunk sportster did stand out, with some nice details. Dusty had brought a few examples of his of his usual ‘phat’ bikes ..

Dave Manning and myself found ourselves standing  blethering to Fiona (who, with her crew are responsible for all this fun) when Tracy from North East Auld Skool came over asking if she could organise some judges for thier NE Auld Skool show, Dave and me exchanged that knowing glance, Fiona looked at us……. press ganged, nah, there were some nice bikes to look at ? 🙂

The little KR1-s was minted, these are getting very rare now, the slabbie 11 had just the right mods done to take it up to date without losing it’s character.

There were, if my beer maths is to be relied on, no less than 5 z1000’s in the square. All of them excellent examples.

There was a great atmosphere in the village, all of us, visiting bikes and the locals who seemed to be really enjoying the invasion. The locals I spoke to were full of enthusiasm, whilst the folk in the shops and pubs were enoying the craic, even if stretched more than usual, and no had tinitus from the ringing of their tills 🙂

It’s great when a community understands the benefits of events like this, giving us somewhere to have a party and bringing economic benefit to the village. Some other places should take note…. 😉ppIMG_8163

The rain stayed off right up until the Custom Show trophies were to be awarded, typical 🙂 . Cap’n Jack Sparrow, aka the UK’s premier Johnny Depp look alike annouced the winners from his rain sodden bit of paper which at this point I realise I can barely read the photo I took of it, so if any of the photos are wrongly attributed let me know 🙂

The Custom Show was organised by HoC and sponsored by Tomintoul Distillery.

Custom Show and Trophies Sponsored By Tomintoul Distillery

Custom Show Winners

Streetfighter – Tom Westwater, GSXR
Paint – graham Lennon – VFR800
Rat/Alternative – Bleached Pearl Trike
British – David Sutherland – Thruxton
Classic – Gills McLean, Z1000
Engineering – Fergie, Blade Fighter
(mind and give me a shot of the trophy, since I did the engineering 😉
Trike -Ian, King Reaper
Non – British – Paul , Z1000
Best in Show – Andrew?, Harley
Public Choice – Dusty, Harley Lowrider

North East Auld Skool Show

Best Standard – KR1-S
Best Modified – GSX1100R
Judges Choice – Z1000

We helped Tom celebrate his 50th in Gordon’s Bar, and it all gets a bit hazy after that, I think I may have to apologise for my late night caterwauling in the Muddy Beach Tent late on 😉 

All the best to Hebs, who broke his pelvis on the way up and had to get helicoptered to Ninewell, Catherine who managed to break her wrist on the dancefloor and the fella who’d come off on the way home on road past the Lecht on Sunday. Hope ye all mend soon 🙂

All in all, a great weekend, thooroghly enjoyed ourselves, thanks to Fiona, Tracy and everyone who organsied it. Put it in your diary for next year, it’s in mine. My liver ‘may’ have recovered by then 🙂

Enjoy some photos from the weekend, (click on them for slideshow)