Cleaning Shitty Brake Calipers

Shitty Brake Calipers This job is such a drag probably coz it happens tae most bikes all the friggin time, specially in Scotland when the guys in the big yellow trucks think its fun tae throw rock salt all over the road.

Usually fixing a siezed caliper is pretty easy as long as ye catch it in time. Remove the pads from the offensive (usually highly if this job is necessary) caliper.

Remove the rubber dust seals from around the piston (if there not there than it’s probably why yer off swearin’ in the garage, go order some if ye haven’t got them. Unbolt the caliper from it’s mounting.

BEFORE disconnecting the brake pipe, pump the brake pedal/lever/chocolate doughnut (delete where applicable) until the piston/s pop out, good idea to put a rag down (yer mum might get annoyed if ye ruin her nice new Axminster wiv all the brake fluid) Check the seal around the piston, if ye were leakin’ brake fluid see a doctor immediately, but if the caliper woz leakin’ then it’s a good idea to replace them.

Clean all the shite off with a suitable cleaner, Solvol or something like it. If it’s shite of the caked on variety then a scraper can be made from a bit of copper or ally, NOT steel coz it’ll score the piston. Now that it’s nice and shiny put the fluid seal back on, the new one if it needed it. Put the piston back into the caliper, smear a bit of brake fluid round the piston for lubrication if necessary, make sure it’s squared up tae the hole, use a G clamp to push it home.

If the piston is reeeaaallyy rusty then a new one is normally in orser, depends whether it’s rusty within the area of travel. Fit the dust seals, put yer pads in, bolt it up and bleed the brakes, wahey, no more hassle for at least another 2 months (if ye live in Scotland and drive in the winter) And that’s that ! Good Luck.