Gordon Pullin’ his Chicken!

All the way from Wrexham

The wheels of the trike go round and round

A couple of Perverts in Leather,

Couple more o’ these an’ I’ll be peein’ in the park

A wad o’ Psychobikers

Recumbent Nuttys on their big balls

Coverage of the Talisman MCC’s P In The Park comes from a slightly different angle from coverage of other rallies. This being due to the fact that it’s my club’s rally and I was working it.

You spend all summer at everyone elses rallies and, let’s face it, we take the organisation pretty much for granted. Probably coz we’re too busy partyin’ and havin’ a good time. Anyone who helps organise a rally will know what a right pain in the arse it can be gettin’ all the necessary shit together, but it’s all worth it when it comes off.

The rally is held at a rugby club in Stirling, nestled between Wallace’s ‘ornament’ and the impressive castle. This was our second rally, two weeks previous we had sold 132 tickets, the Sunday before the rally, 242.

Basically it was sold out. Of course this didn’t help poor Sharon from gettin’ her dinner every night between Sunday and Friday as her phone was red hot, (unlike her bangers and mash, or is that tofu and elderflower quiche 😉 with folk wanting tickets. Working the gate was hard work this year, mostly due to people turning up without tickets. Actually it was a struggle at times trying to book folk in with tickets as we dealt with the stories (some long and bizarre) from folk who didn’t It’s been a strange year for rallies, with Saints and Sinners and the Island Invasion selling out so quickly. Dunno whit’s goin’ on. The weather?, more folk discovering the rally scene?, more people pre-booking (wahaeey)? whatever.

Rallies are getting more and more popular, which of course is a good thing as there’s more parties tae go to and of course more hangovers. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s the crappiest thing in the world to have to turn folk away from a rally but we had a strict fire limit imposed on us by the site, trying our best to find clubs who had blocked booked to check if anyone wasn’t coming and claw back any unused tickets is time consuming. Bar a couple of folk, everyone was pretty patient and understanding even though the stress levels at the sign-in caravan were gettin’ high. Aaaaaagh, I just want a beer! 😉 but hey who complaining really , we sold all the tickets, had folk from as far as Stuttgart, Wrexham, Leicester and Goole, at least we knew by this point we’d be able to afford to put the rally on next year.

The weather gods had thankfully beamed upon us, the ritual live sacrifice to them of one of Sharon’s Tofu and Elderflower Quiches must’ve done the trick coz it were looooverly wevver. As the hoards arrived the traders set up, the poor ol’ tattoo guy was having a bad day, having loaded all his flashes onto his shiny laptop it promptly decided to what technology always does just when you need, it f*cked up. Hmmmm, paper, good reliable technology, after all the egyptians knew that, they didn’t use computers. Friday night kicked off with “Bad Medicine” followed by “The Counterfeit Clash”, ok I’m not the worlds biggest Clash fan but they were bloody good at it.

The music in between was courtesy of my laddie’s 6 volume “Classic rock” (in a camped up Tommy Vance voice) compilation CD’s which I’d had to run home and nick from him. We had been organised, with lots of mini discs ready, of course the PA guy had delivered two CD decks. All the effort with a blow torch, 3/8 whitworth spanner and chewing gum still wouldn’t make the mini discs play in the CD player. The fine evening outside meant that the main hall wasn’t too heavily loaded, numbers wise that is. Most folk were in themselves pretty well loaded 😉  

Jisht a few can’s

There’s nothin’ like a bucket of “Kentucky Fried Tamazipan”

Well it is Pee in the park isn’t it?

Saturday, early doors, the sun is oot, the bouncy castle was full of face painted kids, pity they wouldn’t let the “big” kids on it. Stuart readied the entire ten folk who’d decided to go on the ‘ride out’ round the dukes pass, most others lying around enjoying the sun or wandering off up the town to start drinkin’ early 😉

Saturday afternoon excitement was provided by Eleanor from the Hillbillies who came out of the ladies looking a little the worse for wear, on being quizzed by Anne in the traditional “Ur ye okay?” manner, she announced that her waters had just broke !. So it was “getthefecktaethehoaspitaldubblequickyabass” time. She gave birth to wee Fraser, 5lb 10oz at 3min past midnight Saturday, congratulations and all the best from the Club Eleanor. I took a break to go have a look at some of the bikes on site, Joes tidy bandit was well tidy, sporting a standard swing arm as the Spondon one had snapped nearly sending him down the road, he got it fixed and then it decided to go all bendy on ‘im.

A nice CBR, built by Goody, Dave’s GPz550 (more of which soon, hopefully). Some nice triumphs, one which had done a fair few miles and had been owned for 23 years by te same bloke, was a true classic, unrestored original and used. Of course some smart trikes, Steph’s V8 monster of course and some other tasty one’s too. Davey’s “Captain America” of course gets a mention and a photo otherwise he’ll never stop moaning at me 😉

following that wee “moment”, ‘Speed Trap’ playing at the Boating Club round the corner from the site, this was an experiment to see if folk would turn up to see a band ‘off site’. About fifty folk spent the afternoon drinkin’ tae their sounds, maybe do it again next year?