This is only the second time I’ve tried to go to the Saint’s & Sinners Rally, first time, three years ago I got to within a couple of miles of the site at Glenisla and ended up with a broken neck courtesy of two Swiss doctors who didn’t know what side of the road to drive on.

Now a different site but a cathartic journey all the same, ‘cept this time I made it in one piece. Just as well as we seemed to be enjoying more of our “Indian Summer”, clear blue skies in September, waheey. The site, a play park in Luthermuir no far fae Forfar was circled with tents by the time we got there at six on Friday night. This rally, with the reputation it had for bein’ a good ‘un, had been sold out weeks before the event, I’d managed to get a ticket by the skin of me teeth, organised as I am.

Friday night’s band was the “Glebe Street” Band, the hall was jumpin’ . I bumped into the Nuttybikers from Aberdeen and various other places like Wick!. Always good for a laugh Nige, Dom and Jill got silly, as the photographic evidence shows 😉

Saturday morning, Jack’s pounding on me ‘ead. Wandeering over for a cup of hot brown sober up juice, and a can of Irn-Bru I was met many faces that reflected what was going on inside my napper, must’ve been a good night !

Having got over me hangover, thanks to Sharon’s tupperware pharmacutical emporium it was afternoon, already, funny how time flies when yer lying about groaning and holding your head.   Saturday afternoon, a group of ladies turn up with big drums and proceed to beat the crap out of them. Just as well the faces sittin’ around the field were a lot more cheery now that the big hied’s had gone.

Barrel walking, crankshaft throwing and some Vodka ridden musical chairs were the order of the day. Click Here For Page 1

That wee pig didn’t have a smile on it’s face when we arrived, so Raymond, obliged

Having had a good long lie about on the grass watching the fun I wandered over the the assembling Custom Show, A dozen or so fine examples of bikes and trikes. My eye was immediately caught by Deech’s (did I hear right?) XV trike, I was transported back to my plooky and apparently mis-spent youth and my fine collection of knockabout comics.

  Apart from being a finely built and finished trike, the paintwork was excellent, a deserving winner of “Best Trike”, Veitch showing his chuffedness on the left ‘ere. The paintwork was done by Bob Falconer, who had a banner up beside his tent, but I never managed to catch up with him, I’m looking for a good artist for me project. But I did note his phone number 01241 855534. Any discount for gratuitous advertisin’ Bob?.

The photies really don’t do it justice, Veitch’s seems real happy with it, and so he should be. Saturday night’s bands were Joe’s Band and Independance, though my recall of the latter was slight to say the least, ‘cept for the singalong 500 miles, thanks Jack, ye did it again. The tattoo comp saw some nice bits of body art on show, I thought oor Sharon should have won the Ladies competition but them I’m biased see. Being the first rally since Snobby died there was a tribute to him, with his missus being presented with an exceptionally good drawing of the man from one of his mates, good ‘un   Cheers S&S for a fine rally, next year?hmmm think so.

Mutineers MCC’s rally next at Drymen showground, Oct 5/6.

Words & Pics By Al  


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