Dee Nah, Nah, Nah Funny how ye can take a day off work on the Friday coz yer goin’ tae a rally and STILL be pissin’ around at 6pm getting yer shit together. Well that’s the way it was for me. Luckily I only had 20 odd miles to go but it was a bright sunny day and I got sidetracked ;-).

For many of us up here in the Cauld, Frozen Northlands, this is the last rally of the year. Although there’s still the Northern Light tae brave in November. Anyone who organises a rally always prays for good weather, at least not rain. And we got it, but Autumn had gone off to the shops to buy a big leaf brush and winter had nipped in the back door. It was “Balticsville, Arizona” ! .

Anyone too pissed to get into their sleeping bags on Friday night was well up for ‘hypomacthermia’ ( special Scots version, y’know ).

Once a Pervert … As every rallygoer knows, the only the only antidote for cauld arses is to gather in a big marquee with loads of other folk, party and drink yerself senseless. Indeed everyone seemed to be in possession of this nugget of wisdom.

With a cheap bar and plenty of good company it was bound to be a good party. The ubiquitous (oo err big chuffin’ word, that’ll mess up me spell checker) Black Widows were present, how many miles do these guy’s do in a year 😉

Jimmy always likes ye tae get his good side

Having Sold Out all their pre-books the Mutineers at least were assured of a decent turnout, by Saturday at least 300 folk had turned out to party.

Fridays night’s entertainment, of the musical variety that is, was Freeview as young band playing various metal numbers followed by Tergazzi. The conditions of the Licence, which had set some new challenges in overcoming beurocracy for Mags, meant that the bands had to finish for midnight, but the Cd’s continued to play.

Having arrived late and keen to get into the swing of things I had necked half a bottle of Jack in a couple of hours, by 1am it was all starting to catch up with me.

After a distinct wobble back to me tent I came the realisation that I’d failed to implement one of the first rules of camping at a rally. i.e. extract yer sleeping bag and stuff before ye get gassed. Having managed to extract one foot from a para boot I duly fell over, “It’s gonna be like that is it?”, ohhhh feck. Rudely awoken at 7am by “Captain Chundertastic” in the next tent barking at the grass, me bladder did just want ye don’t need, bugger, need tae go.

The Last Lager Waltz

Now to say t’was a bit Parky in the mornin’ would be a slight understatement. Having found Rod wandering about for the same reason we headed for the coffee urn in the sign in tent where some weary looking Mutineers were holding fort.

Fred can’t quite work out if Steph’s new Beard Lotion is Givenchy or Eves St Laurent


Errrrr ????……….

Pish ‘n Mothballs MCC ?

Wee Mac on Patrol


Saturday Afternoon and off to Drymen for some real food, The Winnock Hotel in the Square does a good bar supper that ‘Eegone Rodney’ would approve of. There was a run out to the Mutineers club house which some folk went on and some others (Mac!) decided to go off to Bishopbriggs and buy a nice shiny new bike.

How ye gonnae explain that tae the missus 😉 Oops, I fell? The trophies were awarded, a very surprised Watty (who me?, aye is there another Watty wi’ a Guzzi trike?) took best trike.

The best in show went to “Hay covered man” who could, by this point hardly stand 😉


Trophy Winners

Best Trike Watty’s Guzzi

Best Rat CBX750 – B927 ***

Farthest Travelled Male Geoff Hodges 370 miles

Farthest Travelled Female Fiona (Saints & Sinners) 102 miles

Best In Show Red Harley L17 ***

Best Club Turnout Talisman MCC

Best Streetfighter Alan’s GSXR

Spirit Of The Rally Jez

Late Saturday night Mac dragged me missus off to do her Nurse thang, as some unfortunate bloke had collapsed, having a history of heart probs an ambulance was duly summoned whilst I was ordered off tae find some aspirin (blood thinner apparently!) .

Another Approved rally “Had Enuff” position.

Don’t ask !

He was carted off tae Stirling Royal, hope yer better mate. Credit tae the Mutineers for handling the situation and being well organised. “Whumff” had kicked off the music, then “Swamp” followed by “Raven”, all seemed to be heartily approved of since the dance floor was rarely empty.

It was off tae “Crispy” Tent land to finish off a great rally and a brilliant party. After all it’s seven months before the next one. Still it’s good tae catch up with everyone before hibernation sets in, now It’s a decant to the shed to get building. Big thanks tae the Mutineers for a well organised and friendly rally, everyone seemed to have a ball. Roll on March!

Words & Pics By Al