This is the first rally this year that I’ve not made both nights, Annie’s bike decided that it’s alarm would play the old “how to be a bastard, just when ye don’t need it” game, well it can play it in the hedge now !. So we missed Friday night, having arrived on saturday night wee bumped into Mac at the gate of Drymen Showground to be told that it had twatted it down relentlessly on Friday night.

Yeah let’s go play in the swamp. Well it had dried up a bit, but not entirely as the band’s sherpa van found out, up to it’s axles in gooey mud. The 200 tickets had been sold out and quite a few more arrived besides. Being as I was there just one night I had to get straight into the drinkin’. Hence I haven’t a clue who the bands were, who won what, what day it was and what way was up. I took two hundred photies, upon later inspection most of which required the response of “EH???” .

Davy ‘n Donald, the Arrochar Boys, well intae the swing o’ things Having necked a fair few Jacks we made for the marquee and more drink. Of course I hadn’t realised it was my mate Ewan who was doing the disco but the bastard saw me hence Afro Celt gettin’ played to which i can’t resist jumpin’ around to. Of course the rapid intake of alchohol kicks in half way through and can’t remember where me feet are, let alone have any control over what they’re doin’. Having found the rest of the Talisman crew I had to fall over for a bit. s’funny, quite a few other folk were having the same idea, still wasn’t as bad as Dick who I’m told could barely crawl to his tent on Friday night. It was that kind of weekend, well all rallies are “that” kind of weekend. The Saint’s and Sinners won best turnout, again, we were only one person short of them. They must be getting tired of collecting best turnout trophies, they’ll need new mantlepieces soon. Steph rightly won best trike for his gorgeous just finished V8 beast, I’ll have a feature on it soon (Once he’s washed it 😉 Bob fron the S&S gave me a CD with the posh aerial photies of the S&S rally, They’ll be on that rally report once I finish this one.

Mag’s on bar duty, with Wee Mac, she was partly responsible for the condition of ma hied on Sunday, oh Yes Sunday mornin’ turned out to be the day that allothers should’ve been, the sun was splittin’ the trees, not a cloud in the sky, in October?, in Scotland?.

The site was even more pictureskew in the sunlight, pity about the hangover. I think most folk could’ve quite happily sat around all day and enjoyed the weather. Nice one Mutineers, an excellent rally, looking forward to number three. Who is this Lunatic???, oh it’s Steph, just check out his trike at the foot of the page. It’s Cheery, caught not lookin’ so 😉 Words & Pics By Blootered Al

Furthest Travelled Male – Bill Hedges? BMW combo

Best Custom – Wee Jocks’ Harley Best Trike – Stephs’ V8

Best in Show – Joe Greens’ hand built Bandit.

Best Club Turnout -Saints and Sinners (Talisman missed it by 1!!!…bummer)

Spirit of the Rally – Johnny Britton (Who incredibly came to the rally despite having one arm amputated the week before…..a true spirit!!!)

Bands Friday Night Two fire herb (grungy rock band…they were good, if a bit heavy)

Hinge (shit hot…..and the drummer is only 14!!!)

Saturday afternoon – Swamp (8 piece blues band……excellent….playing in the afternoon didn’t do them justice, but they couldn’t play night-time, my fav band over the weekend)

Saturday night- Tergazzi (3 piece rock band who play all their own stuff……great….available for rallies, coz they want to more of the rally scene) – Hinge (what can I say, brill…..) – Mumff (they went down a storm, after the crowd were warmed up by Hinge) – Touch and Go (Brilliant end to the Saturday Night, the Marquee was jumping good ‘ol style….Gooshie and co put on a great performance.

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