Middle Wicket Rally 2005

Well the sun was ‘crackin the flags’ (to use an old Scouce term) when I left sunny Scouceland parts! Was kinda honoured when the great Bikers1 said I cud be his sub-reporter for the weekend, so wiv that in mind I had a double mission to complete – PHASE ONE… have a fantastic weekend
and PHASE TWO… try to remember it!

Being a girlie, decided I wanted to go the  scenic route so had a squint at the map and off I set in sunshine… woohoo!
After fightin ma way thru millions of car drivers I suddenly remembered I’m not in Scottieland anymore, and traffic is everywhere doon here. The final straw was after a slight adjudication wiv the white van man, I realised I cudn’t run him off the road using my bulging panniers and was not gonna be able to squeeze thru that gap!
Location map

Anyhoo, I landed at the rally site in Padiham and was welcomed by a very nice mannie on the gate. Had a blether for a while and discovered that the Silent Few MCC really are ‘few’, apparently their membership doesn’t even get outta single figures. Quite admirable that they manage to organise two
rallys every year in March and October.
So bletherin’ done I got doon to the business of  pitching ma tent and enjoyin the banter that went on aroond me!
Black Widows RC

Before long the site was filling up nicely, and the hall was beginning to reach capacity!
The Black Widows RC were on top form and partied hard to celebrate Mary’s birfday. HAPPY BIRFDAY AGAIN MARY!

Rolling Thunder

The band
on  friday were called Rolling Thunder, a fair enuf rally band and also fantastic eye  candy! I did obviously, in the line of duty as sub-reporter, get lotsa close up shots of the cute ones and their nakedness. Please
apply to Bikers1.com for further supplies at cost price.
Samples provided below…

Rolling Thunder
Air Guitars!

So Capt Morgans and I got stuck in and before I knew it I was in a heap enjoying the comforts of a ‘bouncy cricket field’.


Morning broke and I was up and aroond enjoying the sunny weather and the sleepy atmosphere.
This rally is extremely laid back, and kinda  intimate due to it’s restricted numbers, it all adds to the relaxing atmosphere – a great chill out weekend.

Suddenly remembering that I was a sub-reporter, decided to take a wander have a chat and take foties of… erm pretty bikes…
A bike
A bike

A bike
A bike

A bike
A trike

Well okey, maybe not the most detailed specifications on wot bikes were aroond, that’s why Bikers1 is so much better at this stuff! But hey I particularly like the Tigger paint job, cos I fink Tigger is cute.
Bedrock Beer Garden

So back to wot I know best then….. PUB! We just had to visit the local Lanes End pub, which is located right in the middle of a roundabout, yes I know I was very confused as well. As all small villages during a rally weekend, the bikers took over the local pubs and the banter was good.
A brisk walk to the George and we found some friendly faces from the rally site. The pub offered good cheap food and cool beer in the Bedrock Beer Garden, where we sat for a few hours enjoying good company and fantastic views of the local hills.

Aw boy then back to the site to do it all again! Us bikers have such a hard life, partying, socialising, partying some more… As I was in Bedrock for most of the day, I did miss the Saturday afternoon band Seem, and
didn’t manage to do any homework on their performance – sorry lads/lasses!
I did, however, see the evening band once the emergency electricians had worked their magic and got power back to the hall. The Silent Few remained very calm throughout, and I didn’t even hear raised voices during the
‘black out’ period, well the main thing was the bar was still serving, so folk where generally happy.
Mister Sandy

Erm memories of trophies is a bit hazy (Al how do you do this every time you go to a rally), I do however remember one of the trophies and that was furthest travelled male, the one, the only Mister Sandy from those luverly Talisman MCC, in fact I think Anne and Sandy where the only two ‘real’ Scots present, plus me the wee one who has been adopted by that luverly Country!

Anyways, the trophies went somit like this:

So there you have it, perhaps not the most informative rally report, but I hope it’s made ya smile at least!
Not sure if I’ll be asked to do anuffer, but hope to see ya at a rally soon.

Big hugs Scoobs x