Tam O'Shanter Rally 2005

Well wot a fantastic way to end a week of tourin roond Scottieland on ma bike!
And to think the only reason I got a ticket was cos of a late nite conversation via the internet…
So the top secret rendezvous location was agreed and even thou I was given step by step instructions, I still managed to ride past! Only to see M in my mirror  holding her head in her hands, perhaps thinking “why the feck did I ask Scooby to come to this rally!”


On seeing M’s bike I really began to wonder if she had misheard me… and perhaps she had thought she heard me say “lets go away for six months touring on the bikes” rather than go to a rally!! Poor Bertie was laden to the max, so much so I took pitty on him and offered to carry that tin of soup that just wouldn’t fit in those already buldgin panniers!

So first stop was for fuel where we met oor first nice mannie of the weekend, he had travelled down from Aberdeen and was on his way to a ZZR get together. Aint it just luverly the way folk just stop to have a natter, I love bikers!

Now they say a fotie can tell a story… well while riding down to Straiton just South of Ayr where this rally was held, I was constantly screaming WOW in ma helmet riding along some of the nicest roads I’d seen in a while. So much so, that I just stopped to look around at one point cos it was just so pretty. Being a girlie, M approved too, and gave me the thumbs up!
So after a few more WOW’s, we made it to the rally site, which wasn’t difficult to find as I remembered friends telling me “it’s right next door to the Black Bull pub”, of course the Scooby sense kicked in and I found the pub!
Ya always know when I’ve got ma rally head on cos the Pepsi Challenge comes out and the nonsense starts!
The site filled up really quickly, but not to the point where ya cudn’t move or avoid falling over guy-ropes. In fact it had the feel of a minature Farmyard, right next to a river, surrounded by hills. A totally relaxed atmosphere, the sun was shining, the birds singing and the motors roaring.
Let the silly games begin!

better to start than in the Black Bull…

I’m told we put on rather an ‘exhibition’ on the pool table, so much so that the white ball was removed but we managed to improvise with a little help from oor Irish mannie Shane! 

M wasn’t quite sure how to take this admirer…
I kinda thought medium to well done would be rather nice!
A good nite was had by all, and even thou there are no bands at this rally on the Friday nite, everyone there still managed to have that mad blow out  Friday nite piss up.           
And true to form the main street was alive on the Saturday wiv bikers, bikes and beer! I made it my mission to get up and moving and go talk to folk. And there in the street I came across some of the Mercury MCC suffering from hangovers…
Mercury MCCMercury MCCMercury MCC
Bull beergarden

Saturday afternoon was a very mellow affair, spent in good company sitting in the beer garden of yup yiv guessed, it the Black Bull.
Food was provided by Mercury MCC and the chilli was amazing, I inspected Geoff’s humungous pot several times! (erm… sorrie mate but it had to be said)


We eased into Saturday nite starting inside the Bull once more, although this time we were banished from the pool table. It looks like I got a big row here for somit which I’m sure I didn’t do!

Then of course it was time to get down to some serious dancin in the main hall, where the Mercury MCC were just about  to throw one hell of a   party! The band started and folk got  right onto the task in hand of having a fecking good laff.
Aw the boss is gonna kill me noo…. (naah, ye got good photies, ed) cos I didn’t get no names or categories or anyfink for the trophies, I was having such a good time at the party all I managed to do was snap some pics…. but I can tell you that I won furthest travelled female… how chuffed was I…. and how many times did I remind
M that she had the pleasure of travelling wiv the furthest travelled female…. erm oh I dunno but I was threatened wiv violence if I mentioned it again.
Helpful mannie
And I have to say a huge fanks to this lovely mannie, whose name I also didn’t get, but he was very organised and got folk to actually look at the camera! Maybe I shud’ve asked him if he cud take notes too!
I fink he was wiv the mad Irish contingent, who were great fun and partied hard into the wee small hours…..

And met this nice couple from Special K – promised I’d give ’em a mention… hope to see ya at a rally soon!

And here’s a few more party animals we met along the way…

Falkirk boyzShayDancers

Oh much sillyness was had by all, we came, we partied, we left… and Straiton will no doubt welcome us all back again next year. Another rally with no trouble, no attitude, just good fun, fantastic folk and a major party!
I’ll certainly be back next year.


So the final stretch home and I opted for wot looked like a nice scenic route…. down the A713 thru Dumfries and Galloway. And as you can see… I was not disappointed, in fact I stopped even more and screamed lots more WOWs, as I was riding alone there was no-one to look at me like I was a complete looney just escaped for the weekend!
This whole weekend just reaffirmed all the good feelings I have for bikers, bikes and the lifestyle of rallying,  meeting old and new friends and enjoying each others company.
Well done to Mercury MCC for yet another fantastic weekend, see you all again at the next one.
Scooby x