Jesters MCC - Majestic Rally 2005
I knew this rally would be a good one after meeting Shane at the Tam O’Shanter Rally a few weeks back. That’s when I really discovered that those Irish boyz and gals really know how to party!
And in true girlie style, I had to make an adventure of getting to Ireland, well it wud’ve been boring just to get the ferry from Liverpool, so I decided to go the long way roond – are you listening Mister McGregor!?!
The long way roond!
So before I got to Ireland I’d already had a big adventure – little was I to know that was just the beginning of the fun! We had a smooth crossing on the ferry and even Sandy (oor resident I don’t like boats, planes, or anyfink I aint driving) had a pleasant trip. As you can imagine the weekend of the North West 200 the ferry was packed full of bikers with their bikes, the atmosphere was great.
Mill Rest HostelSo we headed North West funny enuf to Bushmills, where we set up camp at the Mill Rest Hostel. Who says ya have to book up for these fings well in advance – I guess we were incredibly lucky to get such a large room without pre-booking.
Havin dumped all oor kit at the hostel we decided to go a wanderin, in search of food,
guinness and a party!
We found the local pub, and the local grub was exactly what we all needed before a mad nite of partying “the Irish” way.
The party we were searching for was at The Salmon Leap in Coleraine, a rock nite being held by Nighthawk MCC. Hmmm right guys ‘n’ gals we’re in the wrong town… taxi for the Taliman!
But true to form oor Sharon organised us, even when she’s on her holibags she manages to keep the club in check! So oor transport there and back was organised AND a real bed to sleep in – Talisman do it in style!
Taliman MCCTaliman MCC
So we had landed and ready to party, meeting up wiv some of the Irish boyz and sampling their ‘home-brews’ once more – you’d think I wud’ve learnt the last time!
Talisman MCC
But no, we did it all again! I have to say I don’t remember dancing much (althou I’m told I did), the bands Mystery Train and Spiltscreen weren’t my cuppa, but as I always maintain, each to their own.
We did have a discussion the next day as to who had paid the taxi fare, the conclusion was drawn that I did – erm no recolection of that one, but as you can see I was a little partied oot on the way home – althou I did still manage to …. smile!
So we got back to the hostel and sat up until the wee small hours drinking and talking nonsense.
Next morning we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, and bacon rolls (fanks Rod)… oooh real beds and real food.
For the first time in a very long time, I managed to do somit that I always wanna do when at a rally. Go see some of the surrounding country… we packed up and headed over to Giants Causeway, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I WOWed and WOWed… and thought WOW as we rode around the beautiful countryside, it was completely breath-taking and well worth a visit if yer ever in those parts. I think we all found a little chill out time and just soaked up the sun and scenery for a while…
Giants Causeway
After a relaxin couple of hours we headed towards Coleraine, just skirtin aroond the edges of the ‘race track’, I find it quite amusing that we went over and didn’t even see a race bike the whole weekend. This was definately a rally weekend, which suited us all to a T.
ScoobyNext stop was Eglinton for the Jesters MCC Majestic Rally, or so we thought. A quick stop at Safeway for supplies revealed a nasty surprise, a nail in ma back tyre.

So we crawled along, hoping to a) make the rally site or b) find a tyre fitting shop. Option b) came like a vision from heaven, there in the distance I saw a sign for Tyre Services. Those who know me well will understand why we all had a good laff to see that it was actually Tommy Oliver Tyre Services!
All fixed and everyone is back up to speed so to speak, and on the road to Eglinton once again. We pull up to the site to be greeted by oor mate Shane, that guy gets EVERYWHERE!
Tents all pitched, girlies glammed up and boyz well doin whatever you boyz do, probably lookin at bikes or paintjobs or somit.
The layout of the rally was really good and well thought out, food, hall, bands and stalls all under one roof. And big cable fingymagigys as tables and chairs, very cultured I thought. And yup yiv guessed it we got doon to the serious business of partyin once more.
Guess who?HalloSleepy
my track record for knowin who won what trophy aint very good, so I was on ma
bestest behaviour and paying particular attention to what was goin on. So here
goes…. the trophies (aw gawd I hope I get this right):
TrophiesTrophies Trophies
TrophyTattooPhew that outta the way and I cud sorta relax a little.
Thegirlies had come into my tattoo parlour, but unfortunately only one of them turned out – so I didn’t bother taking a fotie of my boobies!
Again I wasn’t over excited about the bands, but they were enuf to get me up jiggin aboot. So thanks to Angel Fire, Pure and Sandstone who had us dancin aboot the arena like maddies.
Of course the usual nonsense ensued and much sillyness followed, all which was
taken in good spirits. Even when a ‘drunken idiot’ decided he would try and
upset a member of the club, the girlies moved in and defused the situation with
relative ease. So much so that local onlookers asked us to join their club, “we cud do wiv more folk like you in our club” – it’s nice to be appreciated!
BoyzUndetered the party went on… and on… and on… I think to muzic came to a halt about 4.30am… or was it later… like I said those Irish boyz and gals certainly
know how to throw a party.
I think I can speak for all of us when I say we didn’t really wanna go home, we
had such a good time together, so the journey home was extended as we stopped
off to make the most of the time we had left in Ireland… and hey we even found
the Coliseum!
Ferry home
there ya have it, wot can I say, it was great fun with great company. We’ve all decided we WILL be back again next year, but next year we’re taking more
time off work, cos we figure the party cud’ve gone on for at least a week!
Okey you do have to book the ferry in advance, but it is well worth the effort. Can you think of anywhere you’d rather be than on an island full of bikers?
Hope to see some of you there again next year.
to Sharon for her foties.
Hugs fae Scooby x