There's nothing quite like a ferry trip to a remote? island for a weekend of drinkin' and partyin'. For those not aquainted with this particular rally then you should know it's on an island, bet the club's name didn't give it away. One of the most picturesque ( if that's how ye spell it) site for a rally enclosed in it's very own bay in Port Ballantyne on the Isle of Bute. As this rally was gettin' more and more popular the organisers limited it to 500 folk. Unfortunately someone put an ad in one of the mags saying that there was tickets on the gate. oops, so they ended up with about 950 folk crammed into the playing field. I arrived about 2:30pm on Friday, went for a wander, when I came back some bugger had built an entire tenting estate around me tent. It was like Sauchiehall St on th
e Saturday after pay day. I arrived to be told that we couldn't take bikes on the field, that they had to be locked up off site in a boat yard. There were various excuses, wet ground (not really), some harley owner got his bike knocked over last year and bumped his gums big style (well it is a bike rally!) . At the end of the day there wouldn't have been enough room with 950 folk in the field. BUT, call me old fashioned, a bike rally is havin' yer bike next to yer tent, you can find yer mates by their bike, instead of "my tent's the green one next to the green one between the blue one and the blue one". It just doesn't feel right with a field only filled with tents. The road was lined with bikes unloading, throwing stuff over the wall and a production line of airmat blowing uppyness. By 6pm though the large police presence was chasing folk to park up the bikes. Apparently the new inspector on the island deemed that the rally needed two bike cops from the mainland, two beat cops, some traffic boys and the two locals. Now don't get me wrong the policemen and woman were great, everyone was having a good laugh with 'em but again it doesn't help towards the atmosphere of a rally. All that ain't gonna spoil a party. Sure enough it didn't. The village sports no less that three fine hostelries which, when visited in turn for lengthy periods led to a feeling of slight euphoria and general good demeanour. The main (only!) street was overflowing with folk enjoying the fine evening air and of course a good "swally". I bumped into a contingent of Dragonslayer's, many of whom like myself by this point were becoming unable to chew our own fingers, obviously havin' a good time. Back at the site the marquee seemed to be managing to hold the hoards, like any other rally the capacity of the marquee only gets tested when it pisses it down. Which it didn't, so the party was in, out and all around the marquee. Just the place to watch the fireworks. Saturday is best spent driving round the island visiting the beaches and hostelries dotted around the island. The highleand games were on which judging by the number of bikes parked up proved quite popular. Saturday of course sees the now legendary "Miss Island Invasion" Competition. If you've a strong stomach then the pictures are on the next page, be warned, it's not pretty. In Bute no One can hear you scream! 

Here, am no sure that bunnet's quite you ye know, are ye sure the inspector said it wiz BS approved?  



Miss Marple and Britney Spears compare handbag contents.

Does Ma Bum Look Big In This?

Quote of the weekend – ” Now, don’t give me a centre parting and make me look stupid”

Aptly named “Nutty Bikers”

Whit kinda nurse are you, ye didnae warm yer stethescope!

Watty, get yer coat, ye’ve scored!

Right, Bend Over !

Some just followed through.

Sparko gives it his all.

Ah better check I’ve still got ’em


The WINNER What can ye say but ohmegawd! The Saints and Sinners PVC nursing team spent the afternoon in Rothesay mingling with the marching pipe bands and generally leaving the populous uttering "Whit the F*ck!!!!" and that was the old biddys.

Words fail me here, just enjoy the photies, the Saints and Sinners, The Nutty Bikers and everyone else who was game really gave everyone a right good laugh.

What can I say, bloody speechless. Well done guy's for a fine party and for managing to cope with the massive numbers.   Word/Pics By Al