which is the pregnant woman ?

Well Friday started off with the promise of sunshine. As soon as the bike  was fired up it started to rain. The run to the site with my band of Sods and Slouchers saw us encounter a mixture of weather and a few gravel strewn roads.
Upon arrival and having signed in, the most significant sound on the site were the peals of laughter from Nige and Seth at the idea of me doing this rally report. Someone asked us (Seth will tell me the chaps name, met him at Orkney) “what’s this with you guys on the internet, you just slag each other off? ” So Bikers1 forum has a stiff reputation already !

Friday evening, and I was anxious to see the first band as they played the Borders rally last weekend and were excellent. So much so they have been booked for 9th Time Aroond.The band are Maelstrom and are 4 young guys who play classic rock tunes as if they had been brough tup on them. Shame so far they have only had small crowds due to their time slots.
Friday night saw much merriment and a lot of old faces. So much so that I was still having trouble trying to figure out how to use the camera at this point.I also didn’t get the name of the band but they were good as
the busy dance floor was testament to. Yes you’ve guessed it, I was gettin just a wee bit tipsy by this point.
And so to saturday and glorious sunshine. The rain gods must have wanted to worry the Furry Booters as it cluded over andshowers were the order of the day until late afternoon. This as far as I am aware prevented the silly games taking place but the bartender was not complaining I daresay.

A quick wander round the marquee in the afternoon and I noticed a stall not normally seen at rallies but more of that in a minute.
Saturday evening saw the likes of Big Jim start as he intended to go on and you remember the stall I just mentioned ? well here’s where the chap on the right came from.
I assume they were extremely close friends !
They later had a drunken row and went their separate ways, it wasn’t long before on of them found a new friend

The warm up band were a very funny bunch (didnt get their name either and I was sober) and played some stonking good stuff.
During the afternoon I had discovered a new game. When someone left a can of beer unattended, I would get my knife out and poke a small hole about an inch down the side of the can.
When the victim next took a drink, well you can work it out. Much mirth was had but things really erupted when thinking I had holed Rab’s tin of export (he of the lowrider featured on Bikers1) it became plain I had “doctored” the wrong can.
Thankfully the (extremely tall) gent who’s beer it was saw the funny side and I now have a new friend. Thanks Mel.

The main event of the evening, Joe’s Band. Having seen them already (8th Time Aroond),I knew we were in for some cracking renditions of favourite songs and they did not dissapoint.

A selection of the prize winners include yongest rallyist, Joe. Longest travelled female (and I can’t read the writing of my friend who took notes while I took piccies), furthest travelled pillion Angie Davis.

Club turnout went to…. well if I tell you I didn’t take a picture of it cos I was posing in it you’ll get my drift. A special bravery award went to Tammy (left) I think it was for rescuing someone in distress but it was difficult to hear at that point. Just as the prize giving was coming to a close it was announced we had 2 rally virgins.
What club they were with I didn’t catch but S&S were asked to do the honours.After the obligatory beer shower the 2 of them were rolling around on the floor long after everyone else had walked away. Young love methinks.


Just around  midnight the band announced that it was Dannie from S&S’s birthday.I think the reason I hadn’t reached the usual level of leglessness was that most of my beer seemed to be getting poured over other people.

Ah well it went in a good cause, Happy Birthday Dannie. (his age matches his waist now).

All in all a cracking good rally. The food and service was excellent and keenly priced as was the beer. Thanks to Garioch and see ye’s next time.Thanks also to Tutchy (for noting the prizewinners for me) and Seth, without who’s shoulders some of these pics would not have appeared.(Hmm Stepladder Seth, there’s a nickname).

Words & Pics By ‘Wee John’

I’d like to give a big Thanks to Wee John for doing the Write up and taking the photos, Al