The first first band of the evening were already playing when Trouble caught up with me, it usually does but this was a perticular type of Trouble wot messes with an already sparked head. That didn’t stop us putting the world to rights later though. Pot bellied pig in a catapult, pow, three miles out to sea, because, you see, I was very very drunk. Anyway, Independance were the main band of the evening and put on a good show, after overcoming the three strikes and yer out GTI (good time inhibitor) sound level device thing. Borders Rally eh, another ‘un I haven’t done before, a well established rally which used to be the Borders MAG rally until they folded. Colin and Jackie wi’ some helpers got it together to organise this one, quite a feat when some rallies have 10, 20 or more folk organising it. The weather report for the weekend was bloody awful, how those buggers on the telly tell ye that wi’ a cheery face I don’t know. It takes ages to clean the kraft cheesy pasta off the screen afterwards. The rain wasn’t about to put me off, nor obviously all the other folk who ignored it, the need for a party being greater than the need to be dry. None of the rest of the crew were going to the rally so I set of on me own, first time I’ve a rally meself for ages. No one to worry about one the road ‘cept meself and the thoosands of speed cameras on the A1. I arrived at the gate only to hear the distinctive blub of Joe’s old Sunbeam pulling up beside me. There’s one drinkin’ partner. But the falkirk boys, Buff, Andy, Geordie, Phil, Davie, Rossco and Yinny? (Aye , Yinny, who was responsible for me being unable to bite ma fingers an hour after I arrived 😉 were all camped up already, complete with welcoming beer. Nice One. Geordie had an original idea where the inchahol was concerned. Reaching into his old panniers on his even older 30’s Triumph pulled out off all things, wee bottles of babycham, after we’d all picked ourselves up of the ground he defended his choice, on the basis of it’s 6% proof and he got 24 bottles for a tenner in Sainsburys (does that make it 144% proof?). Of course he claimed it wouldn’t give hi a hangover, hah, the nick he was in on saturday morning after 20 bottles, a face like a picasso painting 😉  

Those responsible having a strategy meeting The rally is held in Berwick rugby club which of course isn’t in Berwick, but Scremerston, which appeared to consist of a row of houses. With good ground to pitch on and some beer in my belly we headed of to the club building for some music and mayhem. I was temporarily diverted from my mission by the call of Corned Beef Stovies from Jackies food van, which was extremely edible (a pleasant change for a rally).



Would you buy a second hand car from this man?

The one and only Clansman in a silly hat

Geordie fell in love with these nostrils, no! nostrils, really!

“Old Shep Wiz A Dug” The party was just gettin’ goin’ when the shutters came down at 1am, so it was off outside to sit in the fine evening and party some more. A young lad appeared with a couple of guitars, oh no!. Me and Davie should apologise for our drunken howling renditions wi’ the guitars at 3am outside the food van. In the morning, contrary to Michael Pish’s forecast the skies were blue and the sun was shining, perfect hangover weather to limp over to the food van for a hearty breakfast of a bacon butty, fourteen gallons of coffee and some iboprofen. Saturday night’s entertainment was erm, eh, interesting. Stadium metal band? in a Rugby club playing original metal to a crowd of drunken bikers. Just as well they knew three covers, which thay played over again as folk would get up and dance, the band were technically very good but it just wasn’t party music. What folk listen to at home and want to party to are often different. –

Geordie fell in love with these nostrils, no! nostrils, really!

The mad Black Widows Bubble blower makes her armpits available for inspection


Steph’s Trike that decided to blow a hot hose on the Edinburgh bypass, pity I was on me bike behind it

All in all a bloody good party, Cheers tae Colin and Jackie for puttin’ it together, even got a flier for next year’s, see ya there.   Pics & Blether By Al

If this trike’s in front of you there could be Trouble ahead

Smile, I’ve got a new Hornet Indepandance, giving it laldy Buff tries the old “How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up” routine