A Study In Rat A Study In Rat

This is the on-going tale of Martyman’s Shed (For overseas friends etc “Shed” (noun,adjective, expletive) – A motorcycle which is a testimony to neglect/poverty/expediency (delete where applicable) which aesthetically does not quite come up to “showroom condition”)

A prime example of a vehicular bastard i.e. of dubious paretnage, Once it was a standard Suzuki GS1000, now over eons has transmogrified into this magnificent “Bitchin’ Sled” (Marty’s words).

Current Spec : Frame : GS1000, well the bits that haven’t been ground/cut off, lowered seat rails Engine: Old Z650 Kick Start, except the kick start’s from a CB550/4 and needs to go to the dentist.

Tank: GS1000, indented modifications by Marty as punishment for not starting.

Custom Paintwork: Matt Black by Halfords Forks : A Z something

Wheels : Dymag (circa 1923) Seat: Thing with Norton tailpiece.

Electrics: Sticky back plastic, fairy liquid bottles and tiolet roll holders. m_bk.jpg (11569 bytes) “Hmmm” intense pseudo-intellectual ponderings m_wire.jpg (9154 bytes) If it doesn’t go, fish about in here for a while.

m_eng.jpg (10203 bytes) New engine mounting plates to accomodate the Z motor m_tank.jpg (9891 bytes) If it won’t start then take a hammer to it. It won’t make it start but you’ll feel better for it (for about a minute) m_chgrd.jpg (11378 bytes)

Chainguard from various old bits of metal. m_foot.jpg (10189 bytes) Patented but widely used exhaust bracket.  

Now For a Spring Clean Do the shims, put some oil in and… m2_side.jpg (27902 bytes) Remove hackit old Norton seat and tail unit, lower the frame rails, hack a load off the back end, and weld the best part of a 1947 trailer mudguard on, an Bob’s yer Aunties Bro’ m2_fr.jpg (16275 bytes) Give it a once over with a couple of cans of good ol’ halfords Matt Black (wot else) bolt on the trusty apes from an old Kwak 440. m2_bk.jpg (18988 bytes)

Weld some 1/2″ box onto the top frame rail and mount the trusty maltese cross and number plate, duly hacked of old tailpiece.