Marty’s 185 This is Marty’s 185 Cub “Goldie, Marty aquired it as a sad old Honda 185 Benly, Son of that well known (if yer an’ old git like me) Dum de dum, the venerable CD175. Hooorah ! Marty's 185 Cub

Not quite content with the bike’s debonaire good looks and boyish charm he let me loose on it wiv the good ol’ grinder and welder. After a few (re)incarnations it’s ended up as this smart Tiger Cubby type thingymebobber. The ally mudguards are in fact from an aforesaid Cub, courtesy of Mitch, for a fiver?. The wheels were chopped to bits and the hubs sent dan’ sarf to have lovely ally rims and stainless spokes laced on. After a rummage in me shed Marty uttered those immortal words “Ye needin’ these ? ” and wandered of with two crobba crobba tubes? from an old Sportster”. The frame was stripped and painted, new fork shrouds Yes, original Honda bits £35 a pair thankee very much Mr JK. The tank was filled,primed, rubbed down, (repeat 400,000 times) and painted a kind of off white affair. All in all a very tidy bike, the kind that hangs around on street corners wearing it’s hat at a rakish angle. Specifications Bike : 1947 Honda CD185 Benly Frame : Nearly original pressed wax cotton with bits of trombone welded on By Al & Brian Electrics : Rewired by Marty Wheels : Yes, Two, Knobbly Ally rimmed Suspension : Original front, rear shocks from an MZ250 Other : Side panels, rear painted perspex, mini speedo, 1/4 turn throttle, unkown Keihin Carb, Battery box bent by Marty, Welded by Al & Brian (how many eejits does it take tae make a battery box ferchrisakes) Famous Saying : It’s nearly finished !, Yeh right Marty. Hey Marty, if I lie down on this soakin’ grass and take a photie it’ll look like a big huge bike. Right Marty, now ye’ve done the 185, get that GSX11 that’s lyin’ in yer shed sorted.