JACKY’s BENLY RESURRECTION Inspired by my mate’s BSA, which always thumps reliably up my driveway – I decided to get a project bike. Got hold of an old & tatty CD Benly 200T – because it was small, ie me feet touched the ground 🙂 Rode it up & down, it seemed ok – that’s the extent of my mechanical talent… Got it home…had a closer look, & wished I hadn’t. It was either orange with rust, or black with oil & road crap – 20 years of it ! Ho Hum…Then came upon Bikers1.com – & Marty’s 185… Inspired again – (& it wouldn’t fit in the bin) – the re-build began in earnest. A new frame & swing-arm later & the pace picked up. The bike was in the kitchen by now, the only place to do this, in the middle of winter…! My mate, she being ever safety- concious, with a thing about making it vibration- proof (shame) insisted on new spindles & bearings, & rubber mounted everything – (years of British bike riding…) The engine was de-coked & given a clean bill of health by John & Brian, J & B Motors, who helped with a lot with other stuff – without charging the earth ! I ground the crap off the alloy with a wire brush drill attachment, & ‘shinyness’ appeared. Wheels were sound, so wire brushed & polished them & pin-striped the soldified rust on the rim, a bodge to some, but pretty effective, – keeping costs down too. Cut & shut the rear guard – which had snapped anyway, covering the join with a home-made bent alloy bracket. Kept the front guard – it was the best bit on the bike ! Transfered the wire loom over, as it was in good shape… A small solo seat, & tool bag (for me waterproofs) from eBay USA, richmcparts, only $35 – bargain ! Aquired black brush-on paint from local bus garage… Painted the side panels, headlamp shell, bits, pieces & hunky tank…took a lot of patience, but didn’t cost anything. All replacement nuts & bolts from same garage… Gaitered the front forks, as they were ok, (just minging), & kept the top half of the chainguard, & clocks. Replaced battery, chain, rear light, headlamp bracket, indicators…put on Triumph Bonnie import bars & grips, ‘cos I love that look ! (So Do We, frrrrr, Ed) With shorty mufflers on original down pipes, it growls too ! Filled it up with fresh fork & engine oil, new plugs…started it up in the kitchen – wow ! what a sound !!! So, 2 months it took, then it got an mot, & we’re on the road… It cost me about £850 in total…(not to mention the tools, hacksaw blades & drill bits I got through), but I’m happy with it…now we need a good summer ! A big thanks to Fins of Redhill,…who supplied shiny bits & dollops of advice. Cheers, & ta for a great site, Jacky ! I think this is a crackin’ inspirational story that produce a proper home grown custom, just shows if ye put yer mind to it ye can turn out something right smart, a real grass roots bike, Jacky’s done a fine job of it, Thanks for the story Jacky, Respect ! Al