19th Farmyard Party 2005 - Yorkshire MAG



None of us cud’ve predicted what was to follow one hell of a party this year,
it was a gorgeous sunny weekend in June in the fantastic setting of Duncombe

As usual for me it was a last minute decision to go over to Helmsley, as a
mate from Cumbria had a spare ticket on offer, and I’m a sucker for a good offer!

So I arranged to meet up wiv some of the Talisman MCC in Helmsley and spent
a good hour or so sitting in the square chatting to fellow rally goers and soaking
up the sun wiv a beer.

As wiv all rallys, we pitched tents, got a beer and began a weekend of nonsense!


Nonsense Nonsense

Beer holder

still not sure how this crazy mannie managed to keep three beer cans stuck on
his heid for most of the nite! He tells me it’s just natural gravity, but I
cudn’t reach to pull ’em off!

so much on offer at the Farmyard, you just cannot get roond to see everything.
I spent a bit of time down by the Main Stage, which was really packed and not
a chance of getting close, but still able to see wot was going on and sit and
chat wiv folk. Did pay a visit to the Blues Bar a couple of times, althou not
at the arranged B1 meet time of 6pm duh! And the 100% Biker marquee was rockin

Sorry but didn’t see any of the Custom Show, cos a few of us took off into Pickering for the day on Sat. It was so warm we just wanted to ride the bikes and keep cool. Always a bonus to go off and see some of the surrounding countryside as well!

We had a great laff on the steam railway, trundling thru the Yorkshire Moors, the scenery is very like Scottieland and made me feel very homesick, together with
being surrounded by Scots!





We also met my namesake in Pickering, yup this gorgeous pup was called Scooby….. arrhhh!

Perhaps it was some kinda omen, but I didn’t take many foties this year at all, and those of you who know me will know I’m normally the one who’s snapping at everyfink that is movin or not movin!

As you will have heard thru news reports and various forums, MOST folk got off site before the floods. What you won’t know is just how much kit the marshals have lost, because they were too buzi saving bikes to worry about their own tents and caravans. An urgent call for help was put out, they needed bodies to pick up litter, I rearranged my week and packed prepared for wot, I really wasn’t sure. Wot greeted me back at the site wud’ve brought a tear to any eye, an exhausted Pete Walker and a devastated site.

Can't believe it! Can't believe it!
Can't believe it!

Can't believe it!
Can't believe it! Can't believe it!



If you needed some concept on just wot crap the cleanup crew were working with, I think this picture
pretty much sums it up. This was one of the few ‘whole’ portaloos recovered.

Pete's Van



As for Pete’s van… !!!!

I think he took a little comfort in the fact that the base of the van was used as a make-shift trailer for the first half of the week.



We did have some very funny moments thru the week, one that stuck in my head was when Gary (above) was shark wrestling in the river! Someone had freed the airbed further up stream and it was floating right at him. He took the opportunity to entertain the troups, and boosted our morale no end.

BBC Interview



This really was the furthest thing on Pete’s mind, the BBC requested an interview!

The rally site had a feel of ‘Apocalypse Now’ to it wiv choppers flying over every few minutes, wiv camera crews hanging out and good old Aidi wud regularly salute them wiv two fingers.

Now obviously I don’t have many foties of the days that followed, when yer up to yer ankles in shit smellin mud, the last fing you feel the need to do is take some ‘happy snaps’ ! So yer just gonna have to trust me when I tell you that EVERYONE worked
their asses off pickin up and pullin out a whole manner of nasty stuff. The only thing keeping us all going was… each other… everyone in the same boat working towards the same end.

I believe that Johnsons of Leeds and Bikers Gearbox were kind enuf to come back to the site to drop off a supply of clothes and boots, which were well used, as I certainly run out of clothes as did many others. Also, Road Runner Catering came back on site Sat and Sun to feed and water us, they were fantastic, and humbly said “it’s our way of helping out”, free food and drink was much appreciated and also kept us going. ARCO discounted equipment required for the clean up, Ripon Land Rover supplied vechicles, and Muttleys of Hull are giving discount to Marshals who have lost equipment.

Strangly enuf, put a bunch of bikers in a situation and they’ll always make the best of it. And so, the cleanup crew partied hard into the nite after each day. And we even managed to ‘gate crash’ a fireworks display one nite, which I think was being held for Lord and Lady Feversham and some of their guests….

Woohoo! Woohoo!


FYP 2005

that was the FYP 2005, certainly one I won’t forget in a hurry, I only wish
it cud’ve ended like it started “a gorgeous sunny weekend in June”.

Please dig deep for the Marshal Flood Appeal, they lost alot, some lost everythink and even with donations it’s gonna take them a long time to build up their kit again.

I’m sure the Farmyard will be back again next year and I for one will be supporting
them again.

Scooby x

to Maggie B for her foties.