The Mag boys were good plumbers too, especially when the shitters got blocked

Another of my favourite rallies which had been cancelled in last years F&M debacle. A bit (duh!) of rain wasn’t going to stop us from going this year.

I think it stopped a few others though, Friday night was pretty quite, I counted about 20 tents. Yes it was pissin’ it down on Friday, wharrufukappenedtaesummer! The farmer had his doubts as to whether to cancel as the yard was like a river on Thursday, but pre-books meant the show would go on. Common sense had prevailed however, and (for any previous visitors) the bottom (usual) field wasn’t used.

Instead it was a nice tar road up to the farm gate and onto the hard standing for the bikes. Normally the big barn is used for the bike show but was now pressed into service for tents. Plenty of folk took up the offer of camping in the barn.

We elected to camp in the field behind the barn, since there is plenty of cover in the outbuildings your never really in your tent, ‘cept to collapse after consuming way too much alchohol. Despite the low numbers on Friday the atmosphere was great, we still drank/laughed/danced/blethered till we fell over about 3am. There are a couple of reasons why it’s not too bad to wake up un saturday mornings at this rally.

Friday night saw Mr Joshua and Jo Jo Coke play in the barn, ‘fraid I missed ’em, but they sounded good ;-), as we were laid up in the bar watchin’ the rain come down as hard as the clouds could chuck it. So all we could do was get drunk 😉

Nearly real bogs, well still portathingies but they never smell like the blue plastic ones do There was NO way any of the bikes were going in the field!

Saturday night’s entertainment was from Makossa whose Reggae/Afrobeat stuff got folk dancin’. It was good to hear somethin’ a bit different at a rally, however Peter’s blistering rendition of Hey Joe went down a treat too.

There was a buch of guys wandering around in plaids (proper kilts that is!) and lether armour etc, I thought they were going to do a bit of re-enactment or somethin’. but as the DJ said “I’m not sure how to describe this next band, here’s Soar Patrol”.

OK, talk about something different for a rally, the five guys (not named “mo”) came on, one piper, and four drummers who beat out an amazing sound to the pipes.


The near legendary grub, provided by the farmer and his hired (paid? dunno) helpers who ran about daft trying to feed us lot. The price and quality of the food at this rally really puts some of the vans at other rallies to real shame.

Ok no pitch fees, but then there often isn’t at wee rallies, real scottish rolls. not dried polystyrene mcdonald’s type baps. A couple of huge cups of coffee (50p) and a bacon roll (Fresh cooked and only 60p) what more can I say, niiiiiiiiice 😉

Linda’s Full o’ the drink Roll On the Farmyard !

Soar Patrol were followed by “Luxury Fitted Kittens” who kept the party going. They were a hard act to follow

Another Edinburgh MAG rally under our belts, this is our seventh time here, I can thoroughly recommend it. Often the wee rallies have got more atmosphere than the big shows. This is a good example of it. Cheers Guys Words & Pics By Al

It’s the pocket rocket !

Saturday morning and I found Crazy Dave on duty at the gate, complete with bottle o’ bucky, the rain even stayed off, ‘fact it even got a bit sunny!

The bikes left for the demo at 11:30, I missed it due to a buggered seal on me clutch slave cylinder which meant driving at 10mph through Edinburgh was a no no, hence I’ve no photies this year, check previous years for pics.

I think it’s fair to say that they blew the place apart, the roar they got when they’d finished the first number appeared to take them by surprise, this is where the dancin’ really got started. I’ve no idea how long they played but they buzzed up the assembled drunks big style. top marks for booking them guys.