Like it says! Jack will put a smile on yer face Aww Hoooorah The Crowd PLC PLC, my favourite band of the weekend. First up was “watershed”, I was busy gettin’ drink down me throat when “PLC” came on, ok so they got mine and most other folks attention, The lass who was singing had a real gravelly voice, a refreshing change. They were excellent, different songs a different sound. Mr Daniels convinced me that lying on me back watching the lights on the ceiling was the best way to enjoy the band, so I wasn’t about to argue and fell over, it seemed a popular position since many other folk were doing it. Marty an’ Me after a small libation’ ! Arriving at Lanchester we found a pitch in the first field where there was only a 50% chance of you ending up piled up in the morning at the bottom of the tent coz of the slope.

Y’know that way when you wake up in the morning and can’t straighten yer legs, first thougth is of course to exactly how much did I drink last night? Straight to the beer tent, the first band’s already on, seeing as I can never remember the names of the bands (intoxicated amnesia) I bought a t-shirt which has the band’s names on. Hmmm, what to do, LGPAFO rally 10 miles, Crail drag & Custom 35 miles Dragonslayers “Sober Up the Dragon” 180 miles. After consulting the gret oracle of assembled characters! on Bikersweb forum I was convinced to go to the Draginslayers. Hadn’t done this rally before and with my aim of doing as many new rallies this year it was a go’er. This summer we’ve got used to puttin’ on the waterproofs before leaving the house, just as well as we caught a lovely Borders Monsoon.

We had only reached Edinburgh when I lost Sue and Jax, thanks to the folk on the bike an’ trike who stopped to let me know they were stopped a ways back up the road, mechanical trouble?, burst tyre? no, Sue’s contact lens had popped out whilst she was sitting at the lights on the Edinburgh city bypasss, we put it back in with a 5mm allen key and of we went. The headline band on Friday was “livewire” and AC/DC tribute band, and one of the best I’ve seen for a while, by this point everyone was either dancing (or some extreme for of gyratory perambulation) or lying around enjoying the sounds.

On the subject of AC/DC, I like AC/DC, have done since ’77, but the first two bands on saturday night played a fair bit of AC/DC too, ‘kin overload, ‘fraid they didn’t do half as good a job as livewire, and I’m not forgiving F/M for murdering “Rockin’ in the free world” sorry guys 😉 Fred zeppelin played out during the accompanying monsoon which had the guys at the bar frantically trying to keep the flood out. Oh No, A begging Sue! Ah Coffee! The Gentler Sex???? Naw it's purple, not pink! - Click For A Bigger Photie Eh? Go on, Gie’s a snog, pucker up laddie A couple of guys were carted off to the ambualnce not looking very well at all! Wandering round the site looking for interesting bikes I found the Gixer (below), this was built in four months from the ground up, forgot to get the guy’s name but he’d done a good job of it. Lots of detail and nice engineering touches, always appeals to me over a flash paint job.

Was whoever was responsible for this in the van ? So the monsoon arrived and everyone made for the beer tent. The usual Saturday (more pissed than Friday antics unfolded. The members (sic) of the Saints and Sinners who won the best club turnout treated all and sundry to an impromptu bare arsed display of the old rally chestnut of Pole Climbing.

True to plan, I awoke on Saturday only 50% crumpled at the bottom of the tent, Saturday morning’s entertainment (actually could’ve been serious but luckily it wasn’t) a guy on a trike appeared screaming with the bars full tilt one way but goin’ straight on, presumably stuck in gear? came hurtling over and down the hill and crashed into som poor guy’s chop.

A wander down to Lanchester for a pub lunch and it was back the the “Guy’s beating the shit out of each other” Show. Quite a crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle (no, not the Master of Ceremonies who was losing the rag as he kept walking out of range with the radio mic) of four guys padded up and carrying 30kgs of chain mail commenced beating the crap out of each other.

This proved very popular, especially with the ladies in the audience. A bit like wrestling on “world of sport” when I was a kid, all the women screaming for them to go for it. Click For A Bigger Photie Nice Touch Click For A Biiger Picture ? Oh me giddy Aunt! - Sunday morning and it was pack up and watch everyone try and get out of the, by now, very muddy field, mission accomplished and bloddy hell the sun actually came out. Cheers to the Dragonslayers for organising a great a great party, it was worth the trip, see ye all next year. Marty treats his hangover to a large plate of large tomatoes, Eh? bonk! clang! doink! -