Buzzards over the Hill at the Trentham Hotel Dornoch
30th April to 2nd May 2004

Friday morning dawned grey and a wee bit damp but undeterred by a week of *$&%ing bike not starting we loaded up and headed off..
The journey was uneventfully apart from great stretches of the A9 having succumbed to a cone convention and the fact Papa can’t pass Ballinluig with out refueling himself with a mixed grill !

Arrived at the Trentham about 7ish to be greeted by a remarkable sober Wee Gordon and headed to booking in tent where I was relieved of all spare cash having me conned into buying raffle tickets and a rather fetching fleece bunnet adorned with of the statutory buzzard! (although as it was the 15th of these wondrous events we did get a mug each)

Formalities over with it was tent up voddie out and then head for bar to renew some acquaintances and make some new ones!

I believe I did make it to the marquee and some point on Friday night but don’t ask me about the bands cos I know nothing! (sign of a good birthday if you ask me!)

A pleasant evening was somewhat clouded when we heard the sad news that someone had been killed enroute to the rally…. and all out thoughts go to her family and friends…

Saturday dawned remarkable bright and sunny and after the traditional cup of tea and two paracetmols we had a wee wander round to compare hangovers and look at the bikes. A brave and hardy soul came from Aberlour on the monkey bike!

Once feeling a little healthier we headed off on the ‘Bikers Bus’ which shuttles back and forth to the village all day for the reasonable price of £1.50 each way.

The cafe in the main street do a fine brunch fer a fiver which is enough to line ones tum for the beer awaiting in the pub!
A very satisfactory way to spend the afternoon before hopping back on the bus and retiring to tent for a wee dram before the main event. ( Also a really good way of keeping out of Raymond and Brookie’s way as they were looking for victims of silly games )

But its seems that Seth and Wee Gordon dreamt up there own event…….

Bands of Saturday night sounded great but if you want details I’m the wrong person to ask.

As for best bike etc … congrats to whoever it was that won…. emmmmmm maybe next time i should take a note book!

One thing I did notice however is a disturbing trend that seems to be spreading ……..

all in all another fantastic weekend…. cheers to the Buzzards and to John, Muriel and Stevie at the Trentham .

Renee x

A big thanks to Renee for doing the write
up and staying sober enough, or at least standing long enough to take
some photies.