Clyde Valley MCC 1st Rampant Lion Rally April 2002



The first rally of 2002 for us, unfortunately the Aberdeen MAG Rally was on the same weekend, but 20 miles won out over 80 miles. As usual the common cry overheard when the first rally comes round of, “Jesus, whit’s that stuff on ma tent”, “where’s the pegs”, “how did THAT get in the water carrier” were heard resounding throughout the house on Thursday night. The rally site was in the grounds of Colzium House in Kilsyth. Camping was in a field which, thanks to the recent rainfall, was pretty mushy.

We met up with Sharon and Marv from the Talisman MCC, more of whom were due on Saturday, the party commenced.

Thoughtfully the owners of the site had provided a special side stand circle in the form of a concrete base of a miniature railway which circled the field. Shame the train wasn’t running, I’m sure the sight of a load of bikers worse for wear trying to hang on to a wee train would have provided a few laughs!” As usual Friday night was the quiter night, entertainment provided by a disco and a Band, whom I suppose were trying to please everyone, but Neil Diamond! eeeeeeech!.

The beer was swapped for tokens at supermarket prices which meant we could drink even more !. Apparently a folk band were meant to turn up at the marquee after the disco was finished, they didn’t show, so well done to the young couple with the ghetto blaster which help lead to some inspired pole dancing impressionists.

Young un’s today, haven’t got the stamina 😉 Sorry Darlin’, but yer bum would look big in that Ally, of the “Company of Fools”, sorry I can’t remember it in Gaelic, seen here proferring me a damned fine looking chip, is the owner of this fine Maurauder. Well tidy and a gorgeous paintjob. He told me who did it but I was to gassed to remember, oops. Saturday night saw “Thunder Road” entertaining the throng, many folk turned up on Saturday, kids, jobs, life etc stopping them from arriving Friday.

Bummer, there should be a national holiday for bikers whenever there’s a rally on. I’d never need to work again !. Several of the Dragonslayers MCC made it up from NE England, best club turnout was the Forth Valley MCC. I presume that the Clyde Valley saw fit not to give themselves the prize, there seemed to be lots of ’em.

Sharon, why have you got a ladder on yer head? Anyone who’s ever organised a rally knows how hard it is, so a big thanks to the Clyde Valley MCC for an excellent rally hopefully the first of many. Clyde Valley MCC Have a write up here