About Us

40 years of riding and 35 years of building has unhinged our minds. Bikers1 started as a web magazine in 1994 when the mighty and much loved AWoL magazine was murdered by suits. The intention was to provide irreverent rally coverage and feature proper shed built bikes. That element of the site was put on the back burner 5 years ago as the Custom Engineering business took up more and more time. There will be the occasional article.


Below are samples of what we do,

Design And Build

Complete commissions from scratch or from donor bikes


From Modifications, Subframes, Seat Lops and Full Frames


Steel, Stainless, Aluminium

Machining & Fabrication

Slab Yokes, Exhausts, Parts, Battery Boxes, Tank Mods/Repairs amnongst others.


From Repairs to Full Looms.

Disability Conversions

Various conversions to suit rider and their disability, NABD work undertaken.

Bikers 1 Web Magazine

The Web magazine ran from 1994 until 2010, with spurious updates after that. The old articles will be archived here, the long running forum was killed by Facebook


Rally Coverage 1999 onwards

Feature Bikes

Technical Articles


Some old history

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